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Storm Warning: Chapter 6

January 8, 2013

Lumen Gentium

Christian imperialism

Mary Jo Leddy recalls a “shocking” incident which she desribes as “one of the worst moments of my life.”  It occurred at what she calls a “great interfaith service” in Edmonton during the papal visit in 1984.  While she and Anglican Primate Ted Scott listened in stunned disbelief, she says, Pope John Paul II addressed an audience of Christians, Muslims and Jews, speaking “on the liight of Christ and how this was the light of the world, the only light.”

He spoke on the way of salvation and redemption as if he were preaching in the Catholic Church . . . It was Christian imperialism, and blatantly so.

Scott commented that the Pope’s statements seemed unrepresentative of “the view of the Church since Vatican II.”  As Leddy tells it, she struggled to overcome the Pope’s ‘Christian imperialism’ by explaining to CBC listeners “the teaching of Vatican II. . . on the questions of non-Christian and other Christian churches.”  Leddy was scandalized because the Holy Father proclaimed the Gospel at an ‘interfaith’ service that had been “worked on by a whole year” in an Archdiocese “known for its ecumenical, grass roots theological dialogue.”  She claims, in effect, that the Pope trampled upon the work of the Archdiocese and ignored conciliar teaching. [Read on]


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