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Storm Warning: Chapter 8

January 10, 2013

Ecumenism and Intercommunion

When Douglas Roch attends a non-Catholic church he receives communion, and he invites non-Catholic friends to receive the Eucharist in Catholic churches.  He knows that this is contrary to what he calls “rulings” which forbid intercommunion.  Against such ‘rules’ he advocates intercommunion as “a way to create the unity which seems to be otherwise blocked.”

I think we do a disservice to the fullness of the ecumenical dimension defined in conciliar terms by holding rigidly to a ruling that bans intercommunion.

Roche recognizes that this leaves him “in the camp of those who follow selective rulings and teaching,” and, oddly enough, describes this as an unhealthy sign.  It appears that he considers it a symptom of the problems with the Church rather than his own outlook, since he says bluntly, “for me this is not a problem – I don’t pay any attention to this law.” [Read on]


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