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Storm Warning: Chapter 10

January 22, 2013

Feminism with a Christian Face

Another awareness of equality

References to the Second Vatican Council are studiously vague in the chapter that introduces the subject of women in the Church.  De Roo remarks only that Lumen Gentium and other conciliar and post-conciliar documents describe the reality of God as transcending gender,” while Roche insists upon the ordination of women on the basis of “the integrity of the Vatican II documentation on who we are as a Church and the People of God.”  Mary Jo Leddy claims that the Second Vatican Council didn’t understand the experience of modern western women, and that the experience of women since the Council has been something “dramatically new.”

To her credit, Leddy does not put women on a moral pedestal.  She does not believe that the world will necessarily be a better place if feminism triumphs and criticizes whenat she calls “reactive feminism” which is hostile to masculintiy.  She insists upon equality (as she defines the term), but speculates that “as women exercise more power we will become aware of the particular forms of female destructiveness.  And that will be another awareness of equality.” [Read on]

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