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Lawrence Murphy, William Cousins, Rembert Weakland and the Sedevacantism of Alex Gibney: Part 2

March 13, 2013

 Part 2: 1975 to 1993

Weakland succeeds Cousins

When Rembert Weakland succeeded William Cousins as Archbishop of Milwaukee in 1977, they did not discuss priests who had abused children.

Out of 500 and some priests, that wasn’t the problem we were dealing with. The problem frankly we were dealing with was alcoholism and the two we found out later [page 92 begins] were connected, there’s no doubt, but the major issue among clergy at the time was not on the radar screen, this question of the sex abuse of children, so it’s not something we would have discussed. It would have been seen as individual cases, but even then Archbishop Cousins never talked about them with me. (1)

Cousins lived nearby in Oconomowoc for ten years, so he was available for consultation. However, even after Weakland became aware of clerical sex offenders, he never discussed them with Cousins.(2) Read more. . .


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